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The GT-K turbocharger series, Turbonetics top of the line turbos covering the 325 to 1000 horsepower range, has everything a turbo can have:
    • State-of-the-art wheels with the latest aerodynamics (F1 Turbines, HP Compressors)
    • Ceramic coated turbine housing to keep heat in and protect from corrosion
    • Black Chrome finish compressor housing w/Map Enhancing Porting

Turbonetics Map Enhancement Porting is the latest in ported shroud design. Ported shrouds widen the compressor map and move the surge line further to the right, enabling more aggressive setups and avoiding damaging compressor surge. The porting is designed to reduce surge while optimizing the intake airflow. All features come as standard on the GT-K Series. The only decision you have to make is whether to get your GT-K with an air cooled or water cooled CHRA.