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"No non-sense, just power" is this lineups motto. Turbonetics has put together a no frills selection of units based purely on horsepower numbers to make it easy for you to select the unit you need. Offered with our clean casted compressor housing and primarily in journal bearing configurations, some specific models come only with Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing option for strength and durability purposes. 

Due to the tremendous thrust loads the high horsepower units can achieve and the large size of the compressor and turbine wheel combinations, we only build these turbos to live. And that means using the race proven Ceramic Ball Bearing for fast spool-up and the strength to survive big boost. 

Do you have a tight fit that you still need to make big power with or a twin turbo, lower boost application that is normally tough to find efficient units for? Look to the "Hi-Fi" models to provide large volume in smaller sized compressor and turbine housing combos. You still get great flow from a smaller dimension package with a tight compressor A/R for fast response.