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TNX Series Turbochargers 

As the largest Turbocharger series, the TNX Series includes everything with 80mm and larger compressor wheels for applications between 900 and 2400 HP. With large gains in efficiency and air flow in this size range, we strongly recommend using forged billet HP-C wheels for all serious race engines. 

The TNX Series previously included 2YK (replaced by TNX8089 through TNX8801) and Super Thumper series (replaced by TNX9106 through TNX1512). With Ceramic Ball Bearing systems, ASME bell compressor inlet and 4.5" V-band turbine outlet, these turbos are ready to deliver huge horsepower and big boost - exactly what extreme race applications need.

For those still needing more, our TNX with 122mm forged billet compressor wheels can deliver 3500+ horsepower and boost pressures of 80+psi. To withstand these extreme conditions, Turbonetics engineers came up with a monster of a turbo.