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Turbine Housings 

Alternative turbine housings for your turbocharger(s) are great upgrades to consider while plotting your new turbo system. A TiAL Stainless housing implements never before seen features including an all V-Band flange design (on larger models), a much slimmer more compact profile, & a noticeable improvement in aesthetics. 

The conversion to V-Band fasteners on both inlet & outlet flanges allows the fabricator/installer tremendous flexibility during turbo placement and fabrication of exhaust system. In addition, probably the largest benefit to be gained from replacing your stock housing is the shear amount of weight reduction. This reduced overall weight & size of the turbo assembly allows for a better manifold design and in some cases, eliminates extra runner bends or bracketry required to support an otherwise much heavier unit. 

For more information about the unique advantages only found in alternative turbine housings, click on the units below for more in depth details on them and their applications.