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T04B & T04E Series Turbochargers 

The T04B Series turbochargers are one of the most versatile units available to the performance aftermarket. High compressor efficiency, strict quality standards, Turbonetics' exclusive 'blueprinted' assembly process, and competitive pricing makes the T04B the obvious choice for many applications. Available in a wide range of compressor and turbine combinations, the T04B series can support power levels from 300-500HP. The compact T04B housing with 2.75" inlet makes it extremely attractive for twin turbo applications and where space is limited. 

Like the versatility of the T04B, but need a little more power? The tried-and-true combination of T04E Series allows you to achieve more power without taking up much more space than a T04B or changing your exhaust setup. Turbonetics T04E compressor wheels are extremely effective on high pressure applications. Match it with Turbonetics Patented Ceramic Ball Bearing and you get a monster result! With its larger compressor housing, 3" compressor inlet, and same impressive selection of matching turbine housings as the T04B, there is a combination for every application.