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T-Series & Super T-Series Turbochargers 

The T-Series lineup of turbos are the true mid range choice for applications from 500 to 950 horsepower. The compressor side consists of a choice of HP (cast) or HP-C (billet) wheels that are combined with T-Series housings that match nicely with one of the many turbine housing options.

Conversely, the Super T-Series combines a TO4 turbine side with the next size up mid frame compressors. Think of it as a hybrid for high horsepower. The concept is similar to a T3/T4 hybrid: Take a small turbine side, add a large compressor and you have a turbo that can be spooled up by smaller displacement engines but support a lot of power very efficiently. This formula enables the Super T-Series lineup to provide the most Horsepower T04 turbines can support, up to 1000 HP. Since these units are perfect for smaller engine race applications, these housings are available with Turbonetics' signature ASME Bell inlet included.